A 4D Construction Sequence or 4D Phasing Animation allow construction programmes, schedules or logistics strategies to be represented graphically. They are simulated by producing 3D models of the scheme and adding a 4th Dimension – Time. These build sequences provide the opportunity to visualise the proposed construction methodology and display knowledge and understanding of the project and demonstrating to an audience technical details in a clear and precise way.

4D CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE RENDERING is what we integrate intelligently with a 3D digital model with time and schedule related information for building construction projects.

Our 4D construction simulation models enhance the collaboration between project teams and clients; ultimately providing clear project milestones and improved construction plans. We help construction planners with CPM scheduling to improve construction schedules, track materials and manage supply chain.

The build sequence animations can be delivered as slide-by-slide images which are used in documents such as bid submissions, and also as a fully rendered animated movie that can be used for on-screen presentations.

At M3B CONSULTANTS, our expert team have many years working within the construction industry and specialise in construction animations and images to support bids. We have a proven track record of producing bid winning presentations for many construction companies. Our aim is to work with you and identify the best use of multimedia graphics to deliver a winning visual presentation.


4D CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE RENDERING PRE-BID Presentation to offer a realistic view of construction
4D CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE RENDERING Time Line Services to incorporate individual 3D components or assembles to the schedule
4D CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE RENDERING an ideal way to visualize the series of construction events
4D Construction Simulation to combine 3D models with project schedules across create, realize and enhance phases 4D Construction Video Animation to make your project come live before it commences onsite
4D Building Construction & Maintenance
Planning with CPM schedule to identify maintenance activities
4D Construction Demolition & Renovation to address improper design, poor procurement and planning, inefficient material handling, residues of raw materials, and unexpected changes in building design.
4D Applications for Construction Planning to make the planning sequence and execution easier to understand

4D CONSTRUCTION SEQUENCE RENDERING simulations for construction planning and scheduling for architects, contractors, engineers and designers helps them visualize construction sequences & assess onsite and offsite progress across project lifetime.

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